Your Cleaning Checklist When Moving In

Your Cleaning Checklist When Moving In

If you’re moving into a new home in the Lafayette, IN area, congratulations! Moving to a new place can be extremely stressful, especially if you add the cleaning aspect to the mix. However, everything will be worth it in the end.

The act of moving is already demanding and tiring, but not disinfecting your new Lafayette house after a big move can prove to be a risk to your and your family’s health. Remember to clean from top to bottom so it’s easier for you to keep track of the areas you’ve already cleaned. This will also avoid dust and dirt from transferring to previously cleaned areas. 

You can make things more manageable by using checklists. 

Living Room And Common Areas 

Deep cleaning your new living room, dining room, entryways, hallways, and landing areas before putting your bulky furniture in place will guarantee that you won’t cover up any dirt or mess left by the previous homeowners. 

Your Checklist For These Areas:

  • Thoroughly clean all the mirrors.
  • Check and clean the window sills and window tracks.
  • Dust the blinds and lock ledges.
  • Dust all surfaces.
  • Dust and wipe the baseboards.
  • Wipe the doorknobs, door frames, and doors.
  • Wipe the light switches.
  • If you see any marks on the walls and baseboards, scrub them off. 
  • Dust the walls and corners to remove any cobwebs. 
  • Check and dust the vents and ceiling fans. 
  • Wipe down any permanent shelving.
  • Vacuum the carpets and rugs.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors.


Leaving your new kitchen filthy can be dangerous as any leftover toxins and irritants might come in contact with the food you prepare. It is important to clean your kitchen prior to daily use. 

Your Checklist For This Area: 

  • Wash the dishes. 
  • Clean and polish the sink. 
  • Clean and disinfect the interior and exterior of the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. 
  • Clean all the appliances. 
  • Clean the interior and exterior of cabinets, shelves, and drawers. 
  • Dust and wipe all surfaces. 
  • Clean the hood fan filter. 
  • Disinfect all the knobs and pulls. 
  • Sweep and mop the floor.


You wouldn’t want to be sleeping with allergens floating around you. Cleaning the bedrooms of your new house can help you get better sleep at night.

Your Checklist For These Areas: 

  • Dust all surfaces. 
  • Clean the exterior and interior of all the closets. 
  • Clean the window sills and window tracks. 
  • Scrub off the marks on the walls and baseboards.
  • Dust and wipe the baseboards. 
  • Dust the air vents. 
  • Wipe down the shelves and tables.
  • Clean the light fixtures. 
  • Clean all the power switches and sockets. 
  • Clean and polish mirrors 
  • Vacuum and mop the floors. 
  • Vacuum the carpets and rugs. 


If the previous homeowners or tenants didn’t regularly clean the bathrooms, the task might be a headache for you. Closely inspect your bathrooms and see if there are molds, damp areas, or damage. 

 Your Checklist For These Areas: 

  • Scrub and sanitize the bathtub, shower walls, and glass doors. 
  • Clean and sanitize the sinks and toilets. 
  • Wipe and polish the mirrors. 
  • Disinfect the countertops. 
  • Clean the cabinets’ interiors and exteriors. 
  • Wipe all surfaces.
  • Sweep and mop the floors. 

Getting An Extra Pair of Hands 

Moving out of your old house and into a new one in IN is an undertaking in and of itself. Lift some of the weight off your shoulders by hiring a professional move-in cleaning provider to prepare your new home for you.

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